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Cu(II) Сrown-Tetraphenylporphyrinate: Molecular Structure and Evaluation of the Formation of Multinuclear Complexes with s-Metals

Vasily E. Kotsuba,a@ Nadezhda N. Kolyadina,a Yan V. Zubavichus,b Pavel V. Dorovatovskii,b and Victor N. Khrustaleva,c


Dedicated to our colleague, teacher and friend – professor A. T. Soldatenkov (December 1938 – October 2016), who has unexpectedly left us


aRUDN University, Moscow 117198, Russian Federation

bNational Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”, Moscow 123182, Russian Federation

New Сhlorin-Terpene Conjugates: Synthesis, Photoinduced and Dark Cytotoxicity

M. V. Mal’shakova,a Y. I. Pylina,b L. L. Frolova,a J. H. Alekseev,a S. A. Patov,a D. M. Shadrin,b A. V. Kuchin,a I. O. Velegzhaninov,b and D. V. Belykha@


aInstitute of Сhemistry of the Komi Science Centre, Ural Division of Russian Academy of Sciences, 167982 Syktyvkar, Russia

bInstitute of Biology of the Komi Science Centre, Ural Division of Russian Academy of Sciences, 167982 Syktyvkar, Russia

New Pegylated Unsymmetrical meso-Arylporphyrins as Potential Photosensitizers

Kseniya A. Zhdanova,@ Kristina S. Cherepanova, Natal’ya A. Bragina, and Andrey F. Mironov
Moscow Technological University (MITHT), 119571 Moscow, Russian Federation
@Corresponding author E-mail:
DOI: 10.6060/mhc160423z
Macroheterocycles 2016 9(2) 169-174

Novel Photosensitizer Based on Bacteriopurpurinimide and Magnetite Nanoparticles

N. V. Suvorov,a@ M. A. Grin,a A. M. Popkov,a A. S. Garanina,b A. F. Mironov,a and A. G. Majougab,c
aMoscow Technological University (MITHT), 119571 Moscow, Russia
bNational University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, Biomedical nanomaterials laboratory, 119991 Moscow, Russia
cM.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chemistry Department, 119991 Moscow, Russia

Study of Structure−Properties Relationship for Lanthanide Tetrapyrrolic Macrocycles Modified with Aminopolycarboxylate Substituents

Nikolay N. Semenishyn and Natalia V. Rusakova@
A. V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute, 65080 Odessa, Ukraine
@Corresponding author E-mail:
DOI: 10.6060/mhc160425r
Macroheterocycles 2016 9(2) 163-168

Low-Temperature Interaction of Dioxygen and Carbon Monoxide with Microporous Films of Co(II) Porphyrins Containing Bulky tert-Butyl Substituents

Tigran S. Kurtikyan,a@Astghik A. Hovhannisyan,aAlexey V. Lyubimtsev,b Tatiana A. Ageeva,b Vladimir S. Ugarov,b and Oscar I. Koifmanb
aMolecule Structure Research Center of Scientific and Technological Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry NAS, 0014 Yerevan, Armenia
bResearch Institute of Macroheterocycles, Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology, 153000 Ivanovo, Russia

Highly Selective and Green Oxidation of Sulfides with Urea Hydrogen Peroxide in the Presence of Mn(III) Porphyrin Supported onto Carbon Nanotubes

Saeed Rayati,@ and Elahe Kalhor Chegini
Department of Chemistry, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, P.O. Box 16315-1618, Iran
@Corresponding author E-mail:,
DOI: 10.6060/mhc151101r
Macroheterocycles 2016 9(2) 151-155

Phenyl Substituted Porphyrins. 6. Acylation of Alcohols with Carboxyphenylporphyrins

Mariya A. Salnikova,a Tatiana V. Lubimova,b Sergei A. Syrbu,a and Alexander S. Semeikina@
aResearch Institute of Macroheterocycles, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, 153000 Ivanovo, Russia
bInstitute of Solution Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, 153045 Ivanovo, Russia
@Corresponding author E-mail:
DOI: 10.6060/mhc151086s

Deactivation of Excited States in Nanostructures Containing Cu-Porphyrin Subunit

Eduard I. Zenkevich
National Technical University of Belarus, Department of Information Technologies and Robotics, 220013 Minsk, Belarus
DOI: 10.6060/mhc160529z
Macroheterocycles 2016 9(2) 121-140

Transition Metal Catalysis in Porphyrin Modifications

Alexei D. Averin,a,b Alexei A. Yakushev,b and Irina P. Beletskayaa,b@
aM.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry, 119991 Moscow, Russia
bA.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, 119991 Moscow, Russia
@Corresponding author E-mail:
DOI: 10.6060/mhc160532a
Macroheterocycles 2016 9(2) 108-120