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Features of Inverted Tetrasulfophenylporphyrin Protonation. Crucial Role of Hydrogen Bonds

Interaction of Octopus-Like Cobalt(II) Phthalocyaninate with Fullerene C70 Studied by ESR Spectroscopy

Evaluation for in vitro Photodynamic Activity of Chlorin e6-Artesunate Conjugates by Irradiation with Different Wavelengths of Light Source

Proton Exchange between Water Molecules and Intracyclic NH Groups of Dimethyl Ether of Deuteroporphyrin

Advances in the Synthesis of Porphyrin-Fullerenes

Synthesis and Antiviral Activity of Diaza-18-crown-6 Derivatives with the Fragments of 4-Aminomethylbenzoic and 6-Aminocaproic Acids

Photophysical and in vitro Antibacterial Studies of 2,6-Dibromo-BODIPY Dye Substituted with Dithienylenevinylene at 3,5-Positions

Magnesium Octa[(4’-benzo-15-crown-5)-oxy]phthalocyanine in Phosphate Buffer: Supramolecular Organization, Cytotoxicity and Accumulation/Localization in Tumor Cells HeLa

Photophysical Properties and Photochemical Activity of Metal Phthalocyanines Adsorbed on Modified Montmorillonite

Spectrophotometrical Study of the Physisorption of Iron(II) Clathrochelates Containing Terminal Phenanthrenyl Group(s) on Carbon Paper

Photovoltaic Effect in Isotype Phthalocyanine Heterojunctions