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ISSN 1998-9539

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Synthesis of New [γ-(Aryl)pyridino]dibenzo-27,28-Diazacrownophanes Containing Two Pyridine Rings

Chiral Cryptands Possessing Tetraazamacrocyclic and BINAM Moieties: Synthesis and Evaluation as Fluorescent Detectors

Crown-containing 4-Methoxy-1,8-naphthalimide Derivatives as a Basis for the Construction of Fluorescent PET Chemosensors for Metal Cations

Cooperation Effect of Classical O-H…N and Non-Classical C-H…N Hydrogen Bonding at the Formation of Supramolecular Tubes Based on Novel 1,2,4-Triazolyl Derivative of Calix[4]arene in Crystalline Phase

Self-organization and Physicochemical Properties of Aqueous Solutions of the Sodium Salt of Azosulphonate Calix[4]arene

Self-Organization Features of Tetraphenylporphyrins According to Quantum Chemical Calculations

Aggregation of Supramolecular System Based on N-Methyl-D-glucamine Calix[4]resorcinol and CTAB in Aqueous Medium

Recent Advances in 2D Polymeric Phthalocyanines: Synthesis, Characterization, Applications and New Challenges

An Influence of Copper Cation in the Complex on Structure of the Nanostructured Layers, Spectral and Electrocatalytic Characteristics of Langmuir-Schaeffer Films of Triphenylcorrole

2,6-Dibrominated 3,5-DistyrylBODIPYs as Photosensitizer Dyes for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Novel Water-Soluble Silicon(IV) Phthalocyanines for Photodynamic Applications on Tumors and Pathogenic Bacteria

Molecular Imaging of Macroheterocycles for Demonstration of Classical Nucleation and Quantum Switching

Cyano-aryl Porphyrazine Pigments with Polycyclic Substituents as the Promising Agents of Photodynamic Therapy and Potential Sensors of Local Viscosity

Synthesis and Molecular Structure of the First Metallamacrocyclic Bi(III)-Cu(II) 15-MC-5 Complex Derived from Pyrazinohydroxamic Acid

Fluorescence Mode XANES Spectroscopy as a Powerful Tool for Redox-Isomerism Studies in Ultrathin Films

Synthesis and Spectral-Fluorescent Properties of Halogen-Substituted Sn(IV)-Tetraphenylporphyrins

Development of the Synthesis of 2,4-Di(α-methoxyethyl)deuteroporphyrin IX Ytterbium Complex Dipotassium Salt

Molecular structure of 1,2,5-Selenadiazolodibenzosubporphyrazinatoboron(III) Chloride and Influence of Perfluorination and Perchlorination on Its Spectral Properties