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Crown Ethers in Extraction and Sorption. I. Bromoderivatives of Benzo- and Dibenzocrown Ethers in the Sorption Processes of Elements from Acidic Water Solutions

Victor V. Yakshin,a@1 Оlga М. Vilkova,а Sergei М. Pluzhnik-Gladyr,b and Sergei А. Кotlyarb@2


aPublic Company «Leading Research Institute of Chemical Technology», 115409 Moscow, Russia

bA. V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 65080 Odessa, Ukraine


@1Corresponding author E-mail:

@2Corresponding author E-mail:


DOI: 10.6060/mhc2010.2-3.114


For the first time the reaction ability of bromoderivatives of benzo- and dibenzocrown ethers at sorption of ~30 elements from the water solutions of nitric and muriatic acids was studied. It was found, that an introduction of one (in the case of benzocrown ethers) or two (dibenzocrown ethers) bromine atoms into the phenylene rings of macrocycle increases the sorption properties of the aimed bromides in comparison with the corresponding unsubstituted crown ethers. In this case the properties of dibenzocrown ethers differ rather strongly. So, 4’,4’’,(5’’)-dibromo[3.3]dibenzo-18-crown-6 has low level of activity, but in going from [4.4]dibenzo-24-crown-8 to its 4’,4’’,(5’’)-dibromoderivative the sorption properties when extracting some elements from water solutions of hydrochloric acid increase in hundreds of times. Thus, a new highly selective agent for the extraction and separation of elements from multicomponent mixtures was found. Despite rather close spatial and electronic parameters, the reaction ability of 4’,4’’,(5’’)-dibromo- and 4’,4’’,(5’’)-diiodo[4.4]dibenzo-24-crown-8 differs dramatically because the latter is absolutely unselective and extracts 28 elements of all studied to the same extent.

Keywords: Benzo- and dibeznocrown ethers, halogenoderivatives, sorption, acidic solutions, elements.



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