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ISSN 1998-9539

Vol. 4 N 2

In this issue: papers presented by participants of the 11th International Conference of Physical and coordination Chemistry of Porphyrins and Their Analogues (ICPC-11), Odessa, July 10-14, 2011


M. M. Kruk, A. S. Starukhin, W. Maes
Influence of Macrocycle Protonation on the Photophysical Properties of Porphyrins

♦ 69 - 79


V. B. Sheinin, S. A. Shabunin, E. V. Bobritskaya, O. I. Koifman
Protonation of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphine in Water

♦ 80 - 84


A. S. Starukhin, M. M. Kruk, O. L. Gladkova, W. Maes
Transformations in the Fluorescence Line Narrowing Spectra of Porphine upon the Formation of Diprotonated Species

♦ 85 - 88


S. N. Terekhov, V. S. Chirvony, V. A. Galievsky, P.-Y. Turpin
Photoinduced Species of Cationic CoII Porphyrin in Complexes with AT-Containing Nucleic Acids Characterized by Resonance Raman and Transient Absorption Spectroscopies

♦ 89 - 92


O. V. Snurnikova, A. P. Lukyanenko, E. A. Alekseeva, Yu. V. Korovin,
N. V. Rusakova
Synthesis and Spectral-Luminescent Properties of Polynuclear Lanthanide Complexes with Functionalized Calix[4]arenes

♦ 93 - 96


R. M. Islamova, S. V. Nazarova, O. I. Koifman
Porphyrins and Their Metal Complexes in Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers

♦ 97- 105


A. V. Lobanov, G. I. Kobzev, K. S. Davydov, L. V. Koumaneikina, G. G. Komissarov
Special Features of Singlet Oxygen Generation Photosensitized by Magnesium Complexes of Tetrapyrrolic Macrocycles

♦ 106 - 110


L. A. Yakubov, N. E. Galanin, G. P. Shaposhnikov
meso-Tetraaminotetrabenzoporphyrins. Synthesis and spectral properties

♦ 111 - 115


N. A. Bragina, K. A. Mishkina, K. A. Formirovsky, A. F. Mironov
Synthesis of Amphiphilic meso-Aryl­porphyrins in Organic Solvents and Aqueous Micellar Medium

♦ 116 - 121


L. D. Fedorova, V. D. Rumyantseva, N. V. Roshchina, A. F. Mironov,
V. M. Markushev, I. P. Shilov
Synthesis and Spectral Characteristic of Ytterbium Complexes with Asymmetric Tetraarylporphyrins

♦ 122-123


E. Yu. Osipova, A. N. Rodionov, A. A. Simenel, N. V. Konovalova,
V. V. Kachala
Synthesis of Ferrocene-Modified Porphyrins by Reductive Amination Reaction

♦ 124-126


K. A. Formirovsky, N. A. Bragina, A. F. Mironov, G. A. Ananieva,
V. V. Bykova, N. V. Usol’tseva
Novel Alkoxyaryl Substituted Porphyrins with Terminal Carboxymethyl and Carboxy Groups: Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties

♦ 127-129


E. S. Krutikova, N. A. Bragina, A. F. Mironov
Synthesis of Conjugates Based on Fullerene C60 and meso-Tetraphenyl­porphyrins with Long Chain Substituents

♦ 130-131


A. V. Lobanov, O. V. Nevrova, V. A. Ilatovskii, G. V. Sin’ko, G. G. Komissarov
Coordination and Photocatalytic Properties of Metal Porphyrins in Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition

♦ 132-134


A. A. Chernonosov, L. I. Solov’eva, E. A. Luk’yanets, D. G. Knorre,
O. S. Fedorova
Dimeric Fe-Co Phthalocyanine Complex as a Reagent for the Selective Damage of Nucleic Acids

♦ 135-137