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Photoinduced Species of Cationic CoII Porphyrin in Complexes with AT-Containing Nucleic Acids Characterized by Resonance Raman and Transient Absorption Spectroscopies

S. N. Terekhov,a@ V. S. Chirvony,a V. A. Galievsky,a P.-Y. Turpinb


aB.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics, 220072 Minsk, Belarus
bUniversite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), 75252 Paris cedex 05 France


@Corresponding author E-mail:


Macroheterocycles 2011 4(2) 89-92


DOI: 10.6060/mhc2011.2.04


Resonance Raman and transient absorption data for the photoexcited CoIITMpyP(4) complexes with DNA and AT-containing nucleic acids reveal a population of a long-lived (10 ± 4 ns) charge-transfer electronic excited state (π,dz2).


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