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Preface. Vol.2 N1.

Dear Reader!

The idea to create the journal “Macroheterocycles” was conceived in Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, where synthesis and physico-chemical study of macroheterocyclic compounds such as porphyrins, phthalocyanines, porphyrazines and their analogs are actively developed already during 50 years. That’s why the first issue of the journal which was published in July 2008 was timed to the 5th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-5, Moscow, July 6-12, 2008).

Now the journal is in the first crucial stage of its development. Since autumn 2008 we have launched the web-site of the journal, where the published papers and accepted manuscripts are freely available. It is very important for the journal, since in 2008 the printed version was distributed mainly among ICPP-5 participants. The web-site statistics shows the growing interest to the new journal. The full-text version of some papers was down-loaded for more than 200 times.

In 2009 it is planned to publish 4 numbers of the journal, which will be distributed among subscribers by «Rospechat’» agency (subscription index 47245).

The work on the present issue of the journal was not easy (initially we planned to publish it at the end of 2008). This issue contains 12 articles and communications on different classes of macroheterocyclic compounds. It is opened by three works presented by chemists from the well-known “Crown Ether” research centre (A.V. Bogatskii Physico-chemical Institute in Odessa), which are devoted to the study of structure and to elaboration of new methods of crown ethers modification. Two works which are presented by scientists from the same institute report the results of the spectral luminescence study of the lantanide complexes of synthetic and natural porphyrins. Indian authors suggest in their work application of calix-pyrroles in the analitical chemistry of vanadium. Six works are written by scientists presenting Ivanovo school of macroheterocyclic compounds. They report sinthesis of new porphyrin – calixarene conjugates, study of the porphyrin solvation, also using 1H NMR measurements, suggest new approaches to the synthesis of meso-mono-phenylsubstituted porphyrins and meso-alkynyl substituted tetrabenzoporphyrins, highlight discovery of catalytic activity of cobalt complex of tetrasulfophthalocyanine in the decomposition of formic acid to hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

We are grateful to all colleagues who have supported the idea of the new journal – to the authors submitted their works for publication, to the reviewers who help us to consider the manuscripts. We hope to feel further your support during 2009 which is the crucial year for the journal.


Oscar Koifman, editor-in-Chief