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Dear Reader!

You keep in your hands the first issue of the new journal “Macroheterocycles”. This journal is launched to become the interdisciplinary forum for scientists and specialists working in various areas of chemistry, biochemistry, physics and technology of macroheterocyclic compounds, investigating different applied aspects connected with their use in development and research of new materials, e.g. in nanotechnology and in medicine. The notion of macroheterocycles combines different classes of chemical substances, which have more than 10-membered macrocycle containing several noncarbon atoms. Among them are first of all such unsaturated and conjugated macrocycles as heteroannulenes and their fused derivatives – heterocirculenes, cyclic oligohetarenes (different porphyrinoids, oligothiophenes etc.), and also non-conjugated (porphyrinogens and other calix-hetarens) and saturated (crown-ethers and cryptands) cyclic systems. The Journal will publish full and short research papers, communications and also brief analytical reviews on new and rapidly developing items in the chemistry of macroheterocycles. The papers will be published in English or Russian languages. The goal of the editorial policy is prompt and high quality publications provided by international peer-reviewing of the submitted materials. This should allow the new journal to merit recognition among the international scientific community and obtain a proper impact factor. The idea to create the new journal was conceived and realised in Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology, where research of such important representatives of macroheterocycles as porphyrins, phthalocyanines, porphyrazines and their analogues is developing for almost 50 years. We are thankful to all our colleagues who have supported the idea of the new journal by participation in the International Advisory Board and by submission of their works for publication. The publication of the first inaugural issue of “Macroheterocycles” is timed with The 5th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (Moscow, 6th-12th July 2008) and it is composed mainly from the papers submitted by the participants of the conference. As a result the first issue is thematically the “porphyrin” issue. The journal is opened by short review articles on carbaporphyrinoids and azasubstituted porphyrazines. It includes also papers and communications on synthesis of new azasubstituted and heterocyclic analogues of porphyrazines and hemiporphyrazines, calixarenediphthalocyanines, on application of porphyrin dications as fluorescent receptors for halide anions, on study of polymer films of porphyrins by laser fluorescent microscopy, on magnetocaloric effect of the suspensions of Mn-complex of octaethylporphyrin, on theoretical study of the structure of ferryl-porphyrins and also on pH influence on complex formation of porphyrins. The papers on halogenation of benzo- and dibenzocrownethers and on template synthesis of macroheterocyclic complexes in gelatine-immobilised matrixes are also included in this issue. We hope that the idea of the foundation of the journal “Macroheterocycles” will be supported by its first readers and wait for your articles, and also your valuable comments and suggestions.


Oscar Koifman, Editor-in-Chief