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Metallation of Shiff Bases with Ultra Disperse Ligroin Suspension of Alkali Metals and Synthesis of Diazacrown Ethers on the Basis of the Formed Metal Intermediates

А. L. Shabanov, М. М. Аsadov, U. А. Hasanova,@ Z. O. Gahramanova, and M. M. Hasanova

Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, RI “Geotechnological problems of oil, gas and chemistry”, Az 1010 Baku, Azerbaijan


@Corresponding author E-mail:


DOI: 10.6060/mhc2010.2-3.121


The metallation of Shiff bases by ligroin suspension of alkali metals at the presence of crown ethers was carried out. It was found that hydrogen atoms of C-H bonds of the methylene groups, which undergo strong mezomer effects of the phenyl and azamethyne groups, may be substituted by metals atoms. The substitution takes place at the presence of crown ethers due to the formation of alkali metal nanoanions, having extraordinary basity. On the basis of the prepared metal derivatives the diazacrown ethers were synthesized.

Keywords: Metallation, diazacrown ether, nanoanions, complexes of alkali metals with crown ethers.



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