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The journal “Macroheterocycles” enters into the 3rd year since its launching in 2008. In January – October 2009 four issues of Volume 2 have been published with total of 300 pages. Among 41 scientific articles appeared in this volume 10 are microreviews, 20 - experimental papers and 11 - short communications; 31 articles are published in English and 10 - in Russian language. The subjects of porphyrin chemistry have been touched most frequently: 24 articles on common porphyrins and their synthetic analogues, 5 – on porphyrazines, 3 – on phthalocyanines. Besides, 10 articles considered crown ethers, cryptands, other polyamines and polyethers, as well as calix-arens. The geography of the publications was so far limited: authors from Russia presented30 articles, from Ukraine - 7, from Belarus’ - 4 and from Germany and India - 1. The publication period from the manuscript submission till its appearance in printed journal was from 1 to 6 months. Electronic publication is more rapid. Information about articles accepted for publication is placed on the internet-site (, and their text usually becomes available in 7-10 days after receipt of the authors’ proofs.

Since 2009 the journal “Macroheterocycles” is included in the Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RISC) and in the search system of Russian electronic library ( The applications are also made for the inclusion of “Macroheterocycles” in the bibliographic databases Scopus и Chemical Abstracts Service. Since 2010 according to the Decision of the Presidium of the Highest Attestation Commission of Russian Federation, the journal is included in the List of leading peer-reviewed journals, in which the main scientific results of the dissertations for degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Science should be published.

We invite scientists investigating fundamental properties and application of different types of macroheterocyclic compounds, as well as those working in the adjacent fields, to become active authors of the Journal “Macroheterocycle”. We are grateful to all of you who already collaborate with our journal and as an author and/or as a reviewer makes contribution to its success.

The current issue of “Macroheterocycles” (Volume 3 № 1) contains 13 articles on phthalocyanines, porphyrazines, porphyrins and related compounds, as well as on crown-ethers and five membered N,S-heterocycles – important precursors for macroheterocycles. Eight articles have dedication to Professor Vasilij Fedorovich Borodkin – one of the pioneers in the study of phthalocyanines and related macroheterocycles in the Soviet Union – on the occasion of his 100th Anniversary. This issue also contains notes with the information about two School-Conferences for young scientists on macroheterocyclic compounds (crown ethers, porphyrins and their analogues), which were held in autumn of 2009 on the coast of the Black See in Tuapse (Russia) and Gagry (Abkhazia).