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ISSN 1998-9539

Shielding Effects in 1H NMR Spectra of Halogen-Substituted meso-Tetraphenylporphyrin Derivatives

Stanisław Ostrowski,a@ Beata Łopuszyńska,b and Agnieszka Mikusa


aFaculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, 00-664 Warszawa, Poland

bInstitute of Chemistry, Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland

@Corresponding author E-mail:


DOI: 10.6060/mhc181217o

Macroheterocycles 2019 12(1) 17-21


Chemical shift increments in 1H NMR spectra for halogen atoms occupying the phenyl rings in meso-tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives were determined. They should receive attention in the interpretation of the spectra of a wide range of porphyrins.


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