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Synthesis of Water-Soluble Non-Aggregated Porphyrin-β-Cyclodextrin Tetraconjugate

A. Lyubimtsev,a@ E. Kudrik,a D. Tyurin,a N. Zheglova,a and S. Syrbub
Dedicated to Academician Aslan Yu. Tsivadze on the ocassion of his 75th Birthday
aResearch Institute of Macroheterocycles, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, 153000 Ivanovo, Russia
bG.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences, 153045 Ivanovo, Russia
@Corresponding author E-mail:
DOI: 10.6060/mhc161183l
Macroheterocycles 2017 10(4-5) 510-513
The novel porphyrin–β-cyclodextrin (Por-β-CD) conjugate 3 was synthesized and investigated. Addition of four β-CD units to the porphyrin macrocycle leads to formation of non-aggregated water-soluble covalently linked conjugate, which does not demonstrate any self-assembled species even at high concentrations. New conjugate 3 forms inclusion complexes with ruthenium, simulating antitumor drug NAMI-A. The formation of stable inclusion complex was detected by UV-Vis spectroscopy..


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