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1,2,5-Telluradiazoloporphyrazines. 2. Direct Exchange of Te by Se and Conversion of 1,2,5-Telluradiazole Ring to Pyrazine Fragment

Maksim S. Mikhailov, and Pavel A. Stuzhin@

Dedicated to Professor Andrej Fedorovich Mironov on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday

Research Institute of Macroheterocycles, Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology, RF-153000 Ivanovo, Russia 

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DOI: 10.6060/mhc150560s

Macroheterocycles 2015 8(2) 177-180


Treatment of MgII complex of tert-butyl substituted 1,2,5-telluradiazolo[3,4-b]tribenzo[g,l,q]porphyrazine with SeO2 in dichloromethane leads to direct substitution of Te by Se, while the reaction with diaminomaleonitrile in ethanol affords (5,6-dicyanopyrazino)[2,3-b]tribenzo[g,l,q]porphyrazines. The obtained results demonstrate that 1,2,5-telluradiazoloporphyrazines can be used as synthetic analogues of vicinal diamino-, diimino- and dioxoporphyrazines..



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