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ISSN 1998-9539

Synthesis and Study of Physicochemical Properties of New Substituted Tetrathieno[2,3-b]porphyrazines

Tatiana V. Dubinina,a,b@ Daria V. Dyumaeva,a Stanislav A. Trashin,b

Marina V. Sedova,c Alexey B. Karpo,d Vitaly I. Krasovskii,d and Larisa G. Tomilovaa,b


aDepartment of Chemistry, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, 119991 Moscow, Russian Federation
bInstitute of Physiologically Active Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences, 142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow Region,
Russian Federation
cInstitute for Theoretical and Applied Electromagnetics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 125412 Moscow, Russian Federation
dA.M. Prokhorov Institute of General Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 119991 Moscow, Russian Federation


@Corresponding author E-mail:


Macroheterocycles 2012 5(2) 149-156


DOI: 10.6060/mhc2012.120678d


Synthetic approach to a new substituted tetrathieno[2,3-b]porphyrazine, its planar and sandwich-type complexes was developed. Aggregation phenomena, electronic absorption, NMR, electrochemical and nonlinear optical properties of the target compounds were investigated.


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