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Synthesis and Properties of FeIII-N=MnIV Heterometallic Complex with Tetra-tert-butylphthalocyanine Ligands

Evgeny V. Kudrik,a,b@1 Pavel Afanasiev,а and Alexander B. Sorokina@2

aInstitut de Recherches sur la Catalyse et l’Environnement de Lyon, UMR 5256, CNRS-Universite Lyon 1, Villeurbanne

Cedex, 69626, France

bIvanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Ivanovo, 153000, Russia

@1Corresponding author E-mail: kudrik05@mail.ru

@2Corresponding author E-mail: alexander.sorokin@ircelyon.univ-lyon1.fr


DOI: 10.6060/mhc2010.1.19

Macroheterocycles 2010 3(1) 19-22


Heterometallic N-bridged complex PcFeNMnPc (Pc – tetra-tert-butylphthalocyanine) was synthesized by interaction of PcMnV≡N with PcFeII. As evidenced from UV-vis, IR and EPR data, this complex can be easily oxidized by dioxygen with formation of a stable green cation-radical with one unpaired electron. In protic solvents or in the presence of bases this compound gives blue MnIV=N-FeIII complex with asymmetrical bond distribution in comparison with well known diiron PcFe+3.5NFe+3.5Pc derivatives.


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