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ISSN 1998-9539

Fine Line Luminescence and Raman Spectra of Distorted Forms of Metalloporphyrins: Pt-Porphine

Aleksander S. Starukhin@ and Mikalai M. Kruk


B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences, Мinsk, 220072, Belarus


Corresponding author E-mail: astar@imaph.bas-net.by


Phosphorescence spectra, phosphorescence excitation spectra and Resonance Raman spectra were measured for Pt-porphine in solid matrices at cryogenic temperatures, as well as in solution at room temperature. In phosphorescence spectra of Pt-porphine the manifestations of the two forms in the ground state were revealed. The frequencies of normal vibrational modes in the ground electronic state were measured separately for both forms. Analysis of the differences in the normal mode frequencies for two macrocycle conformations and comparison with the normal mode frequencies in Resonance Raman spectra resulted to assignment of these spectral forms to corresponding macrocycle distortion types.

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