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Conversion of 1,2,5-Selenadiazoloporphyrazine to Diformamidoporphyrazine

Anwar Ul-Haq and Pavel A. Stuzhin@


Department of Organic Chemistry, Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology, RF-153000 Ivanovo, Russia


@Corresponding author E-mail: stuzhin@isuct.ru 


Macrogeterocycles, 2008 1(1) 82-84


Attempt to obtain imidazoporphyrazine by treatment of formic acid on “diaminoporphyrazine” formed in situ by deselenation of hexaphenyl substituted (1,2,5-selenadiazolo)porphyrazine in the presence of H2S and pyridine unexpectedly led to diformamidoporphyrazine. It is suggested that formation of imidazoporphyrazine is hindered by steric strain appearing in the case when two 5-membered heterocycles – pyrrole and imidazole are fused together.

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