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Template Synthesis into Gelatin-Immobilized Matrix as Perspective Method of Obtaining Supramolecular Macroheterocyclic Compounds

Oleg V. Mikhailov,a@ Marina A. Kazymova,b and Denis V. Chachkovb


aKazan State Technological University, 420015 Kazan, Russia

bKazan State University, 420015 Kazan, Russia


@ Corresponding author E-mail: ovm@kstu.ru 


Macroheterocycles 2008 1(1) 90-97


Template synthesis processes proceeding for MII ion – ligand synthon I – ligand synthon II triple systems (M= Co, Ni, Cu) into solutions and gelatin-immobilized matrix, have been obtained and analyzed. It has been shown that final results of these processes are distinguished extremely considerably. The distinction predicted has been displayed by examples of template synthesis for some MII– (N,S)-,(N,O,S)-ambidentate ligand synthon – (C=O)-containing ligand synthon in water-ethanol solutions and metalhexacyanoferrate gelatin-immobilized matrix implantates. The quantumchemical calculation of structures of macrocyclic coordination compounds formed as a result of template processes, has been carried out with using DFT B3LYP method.

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